ADELAIDE 3 day teacher TRAINING 


All 3 Days Must Be Attended





9.30AM-5PM (Arrive by 9.15AM) 



-FRIDAY 1st Dec: LATVIAN HALL, 4 Clark St, Wayville

- SATURDAY 2nd & SUNDAY 3rd Dec: Fullarton Park Community Centre, 411 Fullarton Rd, Fullarton



 3 day Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings

Do you want to learn how to teach awesome, engaging kids yoga classes?

In this training you'll learn to teach yoga classes kids love and have HEAPS of FUN while doing it.

Be prepared for lots of laughter and to PLAY like a kid again..!!!

In this well balanced specialised teacher training you will learn all the skills you need to be a great kids yoga teacher (scroll down for full Course Syllabus). A hands on training, with lots of chances to practice your newly learnt skills and be practised on! 

This course is suitable for a wide range of people, from yoga teachers through to people taking the first step on their yoga teaching journey.
 This includes;

  • anyone who wants to learn the art of Kids Yoga teaching.
  • yoga teachers who would like further specialist training in teaching yoga to kids
  • people who aren't trained yoga teacher but want to train in kids yoga
  • school teachers & early childhood educators.
  • people of all professions who are interested in yoga
  • parents wanting to teach yoga to their kids (& maybe their friends kids!)

This comprehensive Kids Yoga Training is written and taught by Lindy Pulsford (BA Psyc, MA SW, Cert. Yoga, Cert. MBSR), who has specialised in kids and family yoga for many years. As principle teacher and director of YOGA KIDS S.A. Lindy and taught thousands of hours of classes in school and after school classes, kindergartens, family yoga and also clinical work and research into yoga & mindfulness. She has trained extensively in both yoga and mindfulness for over 26 years and is also a trained Mindfulness (MBSR) teacher.

You will come out of it with the skills to create captivating kids yoga classes that benefit.  

We'd love you to join us!  

why teach yoga for kids?

​Adelaide Kids Yoga Teacher Training

​Adelaide Kids Yoga Teacher Training




IT'S personally rewarding,

& a lot of fun!

If this sounds good to you..

​Adelaide Kids Yoga Teacher Training



                 YOU WILL LEARN: 

    Everything you need to make a great kids yoga class including;

  • How teaching yoga to kids differs from Adults.
  • The most recent academic research & studies on how yoga benefits kids.
  • How to teach to the different age groups Pre-School (3-4), Primary (5-12) & Teens (13-17) & Family Yoga.
  • How to not dumb down yoga for kids (they are up for more than you expect!!).
  • All the skills needed to teach kids yoga, including class content, flexibility, creativity, teaching alignment, how to manage a class of kids & more.
  • Class plans & how to structure a class for kids.
  • Connecting and building rapport with kids. Understanding the children's yoga teacher mentor role.
  • The intersection of kids yoga and mindfulness. When and how to include meditation & mindfulness in your children's classes.
  • How to teach classes that leave kids, teens & families feeling empowered and loving yoga.
  • Connecting with your inner child as you experience being in a kids yoga class.
  • Teaching skills needed for the varying age groups. Role play scenarios that can occur and gain practicing handling them so you can teach with confidence. 
  • How to vary teaching style & class content between in school and after-schools classes.
  • Lots of yoga games and creative approaches for teaching.
  • A chance to practice your teaching in pairs and small groups.
  • Great resources for teaching kids yoga.
  • How creative teaching can be used in kids yoga.
  • How family yoga differs from kids yoga and how to teach this very specialised class, including how to manage parents needs within your family class. 
  • A chance to practice your teaching & be practiced on. A hands on course
  • Support and guidance from a high experienced practicing kids yoga teacher. 
  • A fun, enriching, insightful and heartwarming training!! This well organised course comprises of 12 Modules and is written and delivered by children yoga and mindfulness specialist Lindy Pulsford (BA Psyc, MA SW, Cert. Yoga, Cert. MBSR).

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testimonials from previous graduates


DARWIN 7-9 OCTOBER 2017 | BRISBANE 13-15 OCTOBER 2017 | ADELAIDE 1-3 decEMBER 2017

sydney 8-10 decemBER 2017 | melbourne 2-4 february 2018 | perth 23-25 march 2018

Teaching kids yoga ia a powerful way to make a positive impact on kids lives and set them up with skills they can use their whole life. 

There is a big demand for kids yoga and it's growing. 

Stress, anxiety, inactivity & obesity are on the rise for Australian kids.

Yoga helps!​ Academic studies on the benefit of yoga for kids shown numerous benefits.  ​

These include; reduced instances of problem behaviours & improved academic performance, improved concentration, improved self esteem, better able to manage stress & regulate emotion, reduced depression and anxiety, increased strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and fitness, introduces kids to healthy life style choices, strong positive body image & more.

“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, experience and passion for children’s yoga with us. I found compassion , strength and inspiration through this training and I am so grateful.
Brooke - Graduate

“I’ve come away with a wealth of knowledge that I know I will use not only in my current line of work, but I’m also excited by what possibilities will come my way. The training was so warm, relaxed, entertaining and joyful. Thank you!!!” Chloe - Graduate

“Thank you so much for your wonderful instruction and dedication. Loved it and am already using yoga with my class”
Lucy - Graduate

As a former primary school teacher I was really excited to find this training. The course was hands on, fun, creative, full of joy AND based in theory. I’ve been able to take away what I’ve learnt and use it immediately” Michelle - Graduate

“I found the course so much fun and really helpful.
It was amazing how much knowledge and wisdom Lindy brings to it.
I loved getting to unpack different areas of yoga and learning how it can be beneficial and effective, not just to kids but for adults too. I totally recommend it!!” Tiare - Graduate

“I’ve found the course fantastic!
There is a great mix of hand on yoga and theory and it’s so well put together. It’s never have an absolute blast!! What I love most about the course is you can take these things away and use them immediately. I can’t recommend the course enough!!”
Amy - Graduate

“Thank you so much for the experience. Loved it, loved it!!
Life changing!!”
Billie-Jo - Graduate 

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