The Founder and Director of YOGA KIDS S.A., Lindy can be found delivering our Teacher Trainings all around Australia. A practitioner of yoga and meditation for 30 years, Lindy has a wealth of experience and in teaching yoga to children and families. She returns annually to India and elsewhere in the world to study with her teachers.

Lindy lives in Adelaide with her husband and daughter.

Loves: learning new things, dancing tango & gazing at the really starry sky 

Learn more about YOGA KIDS S.A.'s Director Lindy Pulsford HERE

Tiare teaches 
our afterschool Kids and Family classes. Her bubbly personality and joyful approach to yoga make her a wonderful addition to the team. Hailing from the USA, Tiare began practicing yoga as a teenager. She believes yoga a fun, challenging way to learn to go inward by bringing mind, body and breath awareness into our daily lives.

Loves: handstands, juicy mangos & jumping in puddles after it's rained. 

Kirstienne is an Executive Assistant to Lindy Pulsford. An all-around superstar, she is one of the friendly faces answering your emails and helping keep the backend of YogaKids SA running. In her spare 
time she can be found going for a run, reading and binging on Netflix.

Loves: the smell of old books, adventure & cooking up a storm.

Srey can be found teaching our Kindy & Vacation Care programs and representing YOGA KIDS S.A. at Festivals. Srey's calm presence is reflected in her beautiful teaching. When not teaching yoga and meditation, Srey frequently returns to India to continue to study yoga at the source.

Loves: playing with her amazing kids & travelling to far away places

One of YogaKids SA's first students, she has practised yoga since the age of 5 (and has done many photo shoots and television appearances for Yoga Kids SA since its inception). An all-rounder, Lola can be found both helping out at Teacher Trainings and back of house working on the books & admin.

Loves: bad jokes & a really good lasagna 

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