The Benefits of Yoga for Kids..

Channel 7 News Interviews Lindy Pulsford on the benefits of yoga (from the Archives!!)

Why should kids practice yoga?

  • Yoga increases kids fitness & flexibility, strength & balance
  • Yoga improves coordination & body awareness.
  • Yoga practice develops children's concentration
  • Learning to manage stress better & be better able to regulate their emotions and calm themselves. 
  • Studies have shown that yoga in schools help to reduce instances of problem behaviours.
  • Yoga introduces and set kids up for a healthy life style. 
  • Practicing yoga in schools was shown to help kids make better food choices and engage in more physical activity generally than children who do not do yoga, making yoga an important tool to help deal with increasing levels obesity amongst children in Australia.
  • Yoga introduces kids to important concepts & skills about wellbeing & health, including an understanding that being healthy is about taking care of our not just our bodies but our minds too.
  • Yoga practice has been shown to help reduce depression and anxiety in children.
  • Yoga appeals to both sporty and non sporty kids alike. It can give kids who do not like sport or other physical activities a way to connect with their bodies and being active. 
  • Yoga helps kids who play sport increase their strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and body awareness – all of which will help improve their game and help guard against injuries.
  • Yoga practice in schools has been shown to lead to improved self esteem. 
  • Yoga encourages a healthy, strong, positive body image. Children love discovering all the amazing things their bodies can do. 
  • Yoga classes are safe and very positive learning environment to gently challenge kids to go beyond limited perceptions of themselves and their capacities.