The Founder and Director of YogaKids Training Academy, Lindy can be found delivering our Teacher Trainings around Australia and the world. A practitioner of yoga and meditation for over 30 years, Lindy has a wealth of experience and in teaching yoga to children and families. She returns annually to India and elsewhere in the world to study with her teachers. Lindy lives in Adelaide with her husband and daughter.

Loves: learning new things, swimming under waterfalls & gazing at the really starry sky.

Learn more about YOGAKIDS TRAINING ACADEMY's Director Lindy Pulsford HERE

Alex comes with 25 years of yoga and meditation experience. With a keen focus on systems and processes he supports our operations, he is also an experienced Mechanical Engineer.  Passionate about the wellbeing of others he brings a warm hearted focus and humour to the team, committed to collaborative business evolution.

Loves: telling dad jokes, table tennis and leaving the world a better place.

A practitioner of yoga for more than 30 years, Emily is the friendly voice and face who handles our customer service and keeps things working behind the scenes. She has completed YogaKids Training Academy's Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings and a general Adults Yoga Teacher Training. An experienced teacher of yoga and meditation in schools and can answer all your YOGAKIDS Teacher Training questions!! In addition to her work for YogaKids, Emily is an experienced and inspiring Yantra Yoga teacher, and can be found running advanced yoga pranayama workshops around Australia.

​Loves: eating things she's grown in her garden & watching Anime movies.


Hailing from the USA, Tiare began practicing yoga as a teenager. She believes yoga is a fun, challenging way to learn to go inward by bringing mind, body and breath awareness into our daily lives. Tiare is one of the first graduates of our Kids Yoga Teacher Training, as well as a having completed a general Adults Yoga Teacher Training. You'll meet her in our online and face to face Teacher Trainings delivering beautiful Juniors Yoga classes and demonstrating partner yoga.

Loves: handstands, juicy mangos & jumping in puddles after it's rained

Srey can be found teaching our Kindy & Vacation Care programs and representing YogaKids Training Academy at Festivals, and features in our online trainings. Srey's calm presence is reflected in her beautiful teaching. When not teaching yoga and meditation, Srey frequently returns to India to continue to study yoga at the source. She is a graduate of YogaKids Training Academy's Kids Yoga Teacher Training and has studied yoga extensively. 

Loves: playing with her amazing kids & travelling to faraway places​​

One of YogaKids Training Academy's first students, now grown up and working in the business (yes we are THAT old!!). Lola has practised yoga since the age of 5 and has done many photo shoots and television appearances for YOGAKIDS Training Academy since its inception. An all-rounder, Lola can be found both in front of the camera helping to demonstrate in our online trainings and back of house working in graphic design.

Loves: a great stretch & a really good lasagna 

Our amazing videographer, Stella is our latest and much valued recruit. The professional that she is, Stella knows how to keeps everyone calm, focused and delivering their best in front of the camera so we can deliver what we think is the best online kids yoga training available (if we do say so ourself). Stella has a Diploma in Screen and Media and is the wiz behind lots of our digital media and we love her work!

Loves: making films, ballet and all things vegan 

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