what teachers & parents are saying.....

“On behalf of the leadership team, staff and students at Pooraka Primary School, I would like to thank Yoga Kids S.A. for the Yoga program. The benefits to students were evident when I walked through classrooms and the yard observed them concentrating in class due to calming techniques they learnt at the sessions.The students enjoyed the sessions and the teacher session at staff meeting was very relaxing and entertaining. You are professional, organised and flexible to the needs of a school environment. It was a pleasure to have you at Pooraka School presenting your program over the past ten weeks”. Sharon Diglio, Counsellor/AET. Pooraka Primary

“My children absolutely love the Vacation Care Yoga Program. They have been showing us everything they learnt at home and can’t wait for next term. I’m happy because I know it’s doing them good too” Parent, Vacation Care Kids Yoga Program

“Thanks so much for the fantastic session on Monday night- the staff enjoyed your session and even the die hard `I am not into yoga types' have been seen using your `yoga breaks' with the children this week in their classes!! Looking forward to yoga taking off at our school!!” JS Counsellor, an Adelaide Independent School

“We have very much enjoyed our association with YOGA KIDS SA.  Children joining us during our Vacation Care programes have had great fun learning how Yoga can improve our fitness levels, flexibility and power of concentration.  We have also been very pleased to offer Yoga as part of our Active After School Communities program.  Carers have observed the calming effect brought about by the short relaxation at the end of sessions, giving our children a practical and simple technique to help them manage their emotions and stress”. Debbie, Director OSHC, Mercedes College

"At McKellar Stewart Kindergarten we have been very pleased to have Yoga Kids S.A. provide ongoing yoga sessions for our 4 year old children. They are able to present the yoga at our childrens level of understanding. The sessions have been a wonderful way for children to manage feelings of anxiety (by deep breathing), develop body awareness, coordination and flexibility. I have no hesitation in recommending Yoga Kids S.A. to other Kindergartens or Schools" Julie May, Director, McKellar Stewart Kindergarten

what kids & teens are saying....

"Yoga helped me get through a really stressful year. I could focus better in exams and just generally mange everything better. It's a great release every week & I always feel so good afterwards. I use the mindfulness exercises all the time" Sam 16yrs

"I think every kid should get to practice yoga & mindfulness, because it can help with everything. Yoga is the highlight of my week. My favourite part is the relaxation & of course the yoga games. " Ethan 10yrs

"I think yoga is kind of better than other exercise because you get fit and flexible and strong, but you can get calm from it too." Charlette 12yrs

"Yoga helps me not feel anxious. I love practicing the 'Savasana' relaxation before I go to bed" Emily 8yrs

"When I'm in a bad mood, doing yoga helps. I've liked doing the family classes with mum. It's our special time together." Marie 13yrs

"I thought before yoga was just for adults, but really it's a kid thing because you get to do cool stuff and play yoga games and become strong and fit". James 7yrs

"When I do yoga I feel happy." Sarah 4yrs

"When I started Yoga I was really not flexible, but now I can do lots of things and my posture is better too. I think it has made me better at sport too now because I know my body better". Dale 10yrs

"Yoga helps me to calm down". Judy 8yrs

"I think everyone should learn yoga, or at least try it a few times. I wish I learnt it when I was 4, like some of the kids here. Most people need to learn to relax better anyway. " Alex 16yrs.

"All kids should do yoga because it makes you feel good inside." Sasha 6yrs